We’re Rolling up our Sleeves and Getting Ready for Your Cabinet Refinishing Project.




Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse. Are yours in need of a facelift? Instead of replacing them, have you thought about refinishing them? It’s a much cheaper alternative to replacement and you’ll be amazed what a high-quality refinishing job can do for you cabinets and for your kitchen. They’ll look like new.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we approach cabinet refinishing.

  1. We remove all hardware.
  2. We remove all doors and drawers.
  3. We mask off all areas not needing paint.  
  4. We build a tent like structure – in your garage or similar area – to spray the doors and drawers.
  5. We sand all surfaces to ensure the oils are at a minimum.  
  6. We apply a specialty primer to seal off the wood. (Step may need to be repeated.)
  7. We apply specialty paint with a hard shell.  
  8. We use a sprayer that applies layer upon layer of paint to doors and drawers.
  9. We carefully roll and brush the exterior of the cabinets on the interior of the home with a smooth roller.
  10. We paint the rim of the openings.

(Note: We do not paint the inner portion of the cabinets.).

Trust The Professionals

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